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Augmented Reality Will Fascinate Your Students



One of the most impressive demos we witnessed from an educator this week was about augmented reality. A definition will not explain the concept adequately. You must see it to understand it. Imagine that your students are sent home with a traditional worksheet. They initially have trouble understanding the concept or requirements of the work sheet. Then the student uses his or her iPad, opens a special app and points the camera at the worksheet. Suddenly the blank paper worksheet is transformed to a video of his teacher describing and annotating that exact work sheet. When looking through the iPads screen it really looks like the annotations are happening right on your personal worksheet.

Another example is in science class. You’ve seen the plastic skeleton on wheels many of these classrooms have right? Imagine a poster sized piece of paper that looks like nothing important at first. But point your iPad’s camera at it and a full 3D skeleton appears with or without its internal organs sitting right in front of you. You can pan, tilt and zoom into the model. You can explore and interact through your iPad’s screen. It’s as close to a hologram as you can get in this day and age. Check out the resources to learn more about this amazing Technology.

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