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Create Electronics Projects with Circuits on Tinkercad



One of the newest areas in Technology is called Internet of Things or ‘IoT’ for short.  The movement has sprung from inexpensive computers such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.  Using various electronic components and circuitry people have created all sorts of devices that connect and communicate via the Internet.  One example is a device that rolls up blinds when the sun comes up. In many cases you can build it yourself or invent your own IoT device.  It’s a whole new 21st century DIY segment.

This is where Autodesk Tinkercad Circuits comes into the picture.  It gives you an interactive lab to build and test circuits in a web browser.  You can even add some of these single board computers and tie in their built in interfaces.

This can be a great resource for teachers especially in STEM.  But it’s also a great place to learn, build and test simple or complex circuits.

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