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When you think about children’s online activities, do you consider their cell phones?  Today’s cell phones are full of features with the abilities to exchange information, pictures, and videos like never before.  Children often times are unaware of the dangerous consequences of misusing these devices.  What can be done to help them make wise decisions about their safety online?

Teen Texting

Experts all agree that parents should be involved with this important topic.  There are a number of helpful resources to help parents talk to kids of all ages.  Here are a few to help parents get started.

Online safety can be an intimidating topic to discuss with children.  Thankfully netsmartz.org provides great tips and easy “discussion starters”, so that parents can coach their children accordingly.  Additionally, powerful videos are available such as the one entitled “Your Photo Fate“.  

As a technology educator I can say we all want our students to know how to use their technology.  Most importantly though, we want them to gain the wisdom of how to use it safely in their lives.  Having parents as their partners in this regard is a vital key to success.



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