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Myth of editing ‘real video’ on iPad



One of the myths I’ve heard numerous times is that it’s too cumbersome to edit video on an iPad.  Some will even tell me no good professional would use an iPad to produce video.  As we know technology is always changing.  Today tablet computing is a new revolution much like a previous technology revolution in the 1970s & 80’s.  Formerly large and expensive computing platforms were available to households and small businesses for the first time in the form of the PC.  Tablets and more so well designed Apps can transform processes that used to be confined to expensive professional software packages.  Additionally, tablets are ultra mobile so anyone can leverage their creativity practically anywhere.  To put the myth to rest I present one sterling example of iPads and iPhones used to produce a professional luxury automobile ad for a modest little company called Bentley.

iPads at one time were called a media consumption device.  Creative functions were left to laptops and workstations.  That idea is no longer relevant and our education system can leverage that to provide a wide range of creative projects inside the classroom.  Yes even editing your own videos.



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